Declaration For
Village Square at Lea Hill Condominium
Schneider Homes I, L.L.C, a Washington Limited liability company herein referred to as Declarant), desires to establish a plan for the ownership of the real property herein described as a condominium in accordance with the Washington Condominium Act, Ch. 64.34 of the Revised Code of Washington (herein called the Act). Therefore, in order to accomplish the foregoing, Declarant makes the following Declaration and has simultaneously recorded this Declaration with a survey map and plans for the units created by this Declaration under Recording No. 20000601000513 records of King County, Washington.
1.1 Definitions. For the purposes of the Declaration, the Bylaws, and the Rules and Regulation, and any amendments to any of these documents, the definitions contained in time Act, as modified in this Section, shall apply.
1.1.1 "Assessment" means all sums chargeable by the Association against a Unit and its Owner, including without limitation regular and special Assessments, fines imposed by the Association, interest and late charges on any delinquent account, costs of collection, including reasonable attorney's fees, incurred by the Association in connection with the collection of a delinquent Owner's account, costs and attorney's fees incurred by the Association in connection with the enforcement of the Governing Documents, and all other suns payable by an Owner to the Association as provided in the Governing Documents, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.
1.1.2 "Business" and "Trade" shall be construed to have their ordinary generally accepted meanings and shall include, without limitation, any occupation, work, or activity undertaken on an ongoing basis which involves the provision of goods or services to persons other than the provider's family and for which the provider receives a fee, compensation or other form of consideration, regardless of whether (a) the activity is engaged in full- or part-time; (b) the activity is intended to or does generate a profit; and (c) a license is required to engage in the activity.
1.1.3 "Governing Documents" means the Declaration, the Articles of Incorporation, if any, the Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations of the Association adopted as provided in the Declaration and Bylaws, as these documents may be lawfully amended and/or adopted from time to time.
1.1.4 "Occupant" means anyone who occupies a Unit as a permanent residence or who stays overnight in any Unit more than fourteen (14) days in any calendar month or more than sixty (60) days per calendar year.
1.1.5 "Related Party" means a person who has been certified in a written document filed by a Unit Owner with the Association to be the spouse, parent, parent-in-law, sibling, sibling-in-law, parent's sibling, or lineal descendant or ancestor of the Owner or the lineal descendant or ancestor of any of the foregoing persons, the officer or director of any Owner which is a corporation, the member of any Owner which is a limited liability company or professional limited liability company, the trustee or beneficiary of any Owner which is a trust, or the partner of any Owner which is a partnership. Notwithstanding the foregoing to the contrary, a person who is the settlor and trustee of a living trust that owns a Unit shall be deemed to be the Owner of the Unit for all purposes under the Declaration.
1.1.6 "Renting" or "Leasing" a Unit means and includes the granting of a right to use or occupy a Unit, for a specified term or indefinite term (with rent reserved on a periodic basis), whether or not in exchange for the payment of rent (that is, money, property or other goods or services of value), and the occupancy of a Unit solely by a person or persons other than its Owner, whether or not rent is paid; but does not mean and include joint ownership of a Unit by means of joint tenancy, tenancy-in-common or other forms of co-ownership, or the occupancy of a Unit by any person who resides in a Unit with its Owner, whether or not rent is charged therefor.
1.1.7 "Tenant" means and includes a tenant, lessee, renter, subtenant, and sublessee, the assignee of a tenant, lessee, renter, subtenant, and sublessee, and all other non-Owner Occupant of a Unit that is not occupied by its Owner. Tenant does not mean or include any person who occupies a Unit with an Owner Occupant, whether or not rent is paid.