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Present - Michael Leighty, Eydie Leighty, Chalea Zifka, Krista Bates, Doug Novak, Doug Allington 
Absent - Angel Diaz 
Called to order at 7:00 pm
Minutes Review - January 15, 2019 Budget Ratification Meeting, Home of Angel Diaz
Motion to accept minutes as prepared - Monica Mathews - Second , passed unanimously.
Treasurer Report - Michael Leighty
Investment Accounts moved to Edward Jones and are gaining interest of approximately $235/month which is up from $200/year with the former investment company. 
Reminder - Fence repairs are homeowner responsibility.  COA may choose to paint or stain the outside of the fencing for aesthetic reasons. 
Reminder - Extra water bill is due July 1. Michael Leighty is keeping an eye on the bills to prevent this from happening again. 
Asphalt Striping- may need to be done as it's not holding up well. 
Guest Parking -  We are the eyes and ears of our community.  Please report things that seem odd. 
Security - Extra lighting project is on hold for now. 
Audit - 2017 draft should be ready any day.  CPA Health issues prevented a more timely delivery.
Chalea's position - No nominees
Colin's position- no nominees
Doug Allington ran to renew hi s term (Motion Sandy, 2nd  Monica Mathews, carried)
Krista Bates and Doug Novak had been appointed to fill unfulfilled terms, a vote was taken to vote them in for the final year, (Motion Sandy, 2nd Pam, carried)