Village Square at Lea Hill Condominiums

Parking Enforcement & Towing Procedures

Approved January 23, 2014 & Amended 10/13/2017


Village Square at Lea Hill (VS@LH) has limited parking available for guests. Our streets are very narrow and have been declared fire lanes by the Fire Department, therefore, there is no street parking outside of the 19 Common Element code designated Guest Parking spaces. The exclusive use for Guests was specifically mandated, per the original legal documents of VS@LH approved by the county. 

The Board of Directors is obligated to enforce the Rules of VS@LH as fairly and as effectively as possible for the benefit of all 94 homes in our community.  Therefore, we are issuing these revised Parking Rules, updated Infraction Process, with MANDATORY Towing Procedures to end the practice of a few residents using the Guest Parking as personal parking spaces, to the detriment of all our residents. 

These 2014 Parking Enforcement Procedures and Traffic/Parking Rules are a supplement to VS@LH 2006 Rules and supersede all previous supplements to our parking & towing procedures. 

Fire lane Parking Enforcement will be handled by the Auburn Police Department and they will issue tickets, and tow per the city parking code. 

Resident: anyone who occupies a unit as a permanent residence or who stays overnight in any unit for more than fourteen (14) days in any calendar month or more than sixty (60) days per calendar year. 

All costs and risks of towing and/or impound shall be the sole responsibility of the vehicle’s operator/owner.  The Association, Board of Directors, or their agents assume no responsibility for the provision of any security for vehicles parked in the parking areas, and disclaim responsibility for the theft of, or damage to, any vehicle or its contents, parked or operated on Association property.

Contact Information:
Your HOA Parking Committee will be happy to answer questions about these rules. Due to future changes in the members of the committee the contact information is not listed in this document, but will be provided on your regular association newsletters. 

Formal comments or complaints must be made in writing and submitted to the Village Square Board of Directors

Village Square Board
12370 SE 311th St
Auburn WA 98092
Phone:  (206) 849-4221
Email: boardatvillagesquare@gmail.com
      Designated Towing Company
Auburn Valley Towing
3214 A St SE Auburn, WA 98002
Phone: 253-833-6662
Email: AuburnValleyTowing@hotmail.com

Vehicles parked overnight in Guest Parking are subject to these Towing Rules

Guest Vehicles parked in Guest Parking OVERNIGHT more than two nights are subject to VS@LH 2006 Rule 5.6. VS@LH 2006 Rules 5.7 & 5.9 require Guest Vehicle registration, if staying longer than 7 days. Vehicles not previously associated with a residence, and parked in Guest Parking on the 3rd night will be cited with a 1st Warning Infraction advising that there is no Resident parking permitted. Known Resident Vehicles will not enjoy this 48 hour grace period. If a Guest Vehicle is not staying beyond 7 days, Resident needs to contact the Parking Committee to obtain a temporary Guest Parking Permit.  If staying longer, resident should immediately request a longer term permit from MyHOA-online.com, to avoid towing of the vehicle while MyHOA-online.com obtains authorization to issue a longer term parking waiver. 

Guest Parking will be checked regularly and 1st or 2nd Warning Infractions will be issued and be prominently displayed. Continued failure to contact the Parking Committee will result in the final 3rd Towable Infraction warning sticker affixed to the driver’s door window.  This will be the LAST NOTICE issued, and on the next violation of the Overnight Guest Parking Rules, enforcement will be by Mandatory Towing between 8pm and 8am or other times as applicable. These repeat violations of vehicle owners not responding to prior notices, are cumulative and do not need to be three violations in three consecutive days.  Once a vehicle has been assigned to the TOW IMMEDIATELY LIST, that vehicle will permanently be subject to immediate towing if found using  Guest Parking outside the hours of 8am to 6pm without a Temporary Parking Waiver Permit, or if in violation of daytime overuse of Guest Parking. 

Occasional resident use of Guest Parking, for a couple hours, for projects requiring use of their garage, during the hours of 8am to 6pm, is not subject to these Guest Parking towing rules. Vehicle’s repeatedly parking during the day, will be contacted via Parking Infraction Notices to confirm Guest status, and if ignored, then leading to a final Towable Parking Violation, discussed above. 


From time to time Owners or Tenants may find themselves in a situation where they would like to seek a temporary waiver to use Guest Parking either for themselves, or for long term or frequent overnight guests. When applying for a Guest the request is subject to the 14 day & 60 day nonresident definitions. All approved waivers must be clearly displayed on the vehicle. Guest Parking waivers beyond the 7 day rule are obtained by contacting our Property Manager MyHOA-online.com, and are approved at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. 

Vehicles will be subject to infractions unless they are properly displaying the approved Guest Parking Waiver. 

When a request is made, the following information shall be provided:

  • Owners Name, Unit Number and Contact Information
  • Reason waiver is being requested and dates needed
  • Color, Make, Model & License Plate Number of the Vehicle
  • For extended time periods a copy of the Vehicle Registration may also be required. 

Examples of when a Resident’s request to use overnight Guest Parking may be approved:

  • When renovations are underway in your home         
  • Move in or Move out’s 

Infraction Plan 

Parking infractions apply to unattended vehicles that are not properly displaying an approved temporary parking waiver. Examples of attended vehicles are when the vehicle owner is loading or unloading, washing their vehicle, or is outside and within sight of their vehicle. All other situations are considered unattended and the vehicle is subject to the infraction plan. 

Failure to obey VS@LH Parking Rules may result in one or more of the following:

Vehicles receiving infractions, being towed or rules violation fines assessed to the unit.  Unit Owners are ultimately responsible for the actions of their Tenants and/or their Guests and they may be assessed Rules Violation penalties for the actions of their guests or tenants violating any rule at VS@LH. 

  1. Residents are responsible to ensure their Guests are parking properly.
  2. Parking in Fire Lanes will now be monitored and enforced by the Auburn Police.
  3. Unresolved Cul-de-Sac parking complaints, per *Rules* 5.5 & 5.8 will be HOA enforced by a Towable Infraction Notice and a 30 day 2nd violation will result in the vehicle being towed, or an application of fines as provided in the 2006 VS@LH Rules & Regulations, when the Board of Directors determines the application of the 30 day Tow Infraction rule is not a practical solution to frequent violations by residents or visitors associated to specific units.  *Rules*Parking in cul-de-sac must be in a designated parking space, must not block another units access/egress Vehicles may not extend outside its designated parking area.*
  4. Over use of the short-term Guest Parking per these rules.
  5. Open storage of materials or equipment in vehicle, and restricted vehicles per CC&R Rule 3.8
  6. Any approved temporary waiver shall be clearly displayed on the vehicle.
  7. All traffic signs are to be obeyed, including the stop sign at 311th and 123rd.
  8. The speed limit is 10 mph on the property, or slower if warranted by conditions.
  9. All vehicles on the property must be properly licensed.
  10. All drivers on the property must have a valid Drivers License. 


Patrolling Process 

Designated members of the Parking Committee (patrolling members) are to patrol the community interior roads on a schedule that suits them.  They may patrol more than once per day, however only one infraction may be issued to the same vehicle per 24-hour period.  Infractions will be issued per the Infraction Plan.  The patrolling member will be responsible for maintaining the logbook and properly marking and placing the appropriate type of infraction on the vehicle in violation of any Parking Rule(s). 

Log Book

The Patrolling member will keep a logbook which tracks:

  • Date, time, license plate, make, model and location of each vehicle found to be parked in
    • Guest Parking
    • A Non-Designated Area
  • The types of infractions issued at the time of patrol.
  • The patrolling member’s initials. 

Towing Eligibility For Non-Guest Parking Violations

Excluding Guest Parking violations, any vehicle found to be in violation of the Parking Rules within 30 days of meeting any of the following circumstances would be subject to immediate towing. 

  • A Towable Infraction has been issued. 

Emergency Situations

Any vehicle parked in such a way that is considered by the Board of Directors of VS@LH to be an obstruction to an Emergency Vehicle and/or is completely blocking vehicle access to another unit, will be subject to an immediate tow, without warning.  A reasonable effort should be made to contact the owner of the vehicle, such as knocking on the door of the unit they may be visiting, but it is not required.


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